In acute leukaemia, the condition progresses at a rapid and aggressive pace, and Treatment needs to be administered immediately - Acute Leukaemia Cancer Surgery

In acute leukaemia Cancer, the condition progresses at a rapid and aggressive pace, and treatment needs to be administered immediately.

Uncontrolled proliferation of normal cells lining the bladder wall can lead to cancer.50 per cent of patients can be cured with appropriate treatment - Bladder Cancer Surgery

The urinary bladder is a hollow sac like organ situated in the pelvis. Its major function is to store the urine produced by the kidneys before finally emptying it.

Common symptoms like headaches, vomiting, loss of orientation, etc. could indicate the presence of a brain tumour - Brain Tumor Treatment

A brain tumour is an abnormal growth of cells within the brain. It arises from glial cells of the brain, lymphatic tissues, nerves and meninges.

Two-thirds of the cancers diagnosed these days are curable. The preservation of organ and function is possible, and is the standard of care now, Is cancer curable? - Cancer Is Curable

This is a common question asked. Yes, cancer is curable! These days more than two-third of cancers are curable if treated adequately.

Though India has a relatively low incidence, cancer of the oesophagus is prone to strike those who smoke and drink heavily - Cancer Of Oesophagus

Oesophagus is a muscular tube connecting pharynx to stomach. Its length varies from 23 to 30 cm and it is divided into upper third, middle third and lower third for the convenience of clinicians to modify treatment.

The main cause of cervical cancer is HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), a common virus that spreads through sexual intercourse - Cervical Cancer Treatment

Cervical cancer originates in the cervix, the lower part of the uterus (womb) and opens into the vagina. It arises from the cells present on the surface of the cervix.

A Silent Killer - Fond of red meat cooked by barbequed or grilled methods? Better hold back on it to avoid colorectal cancer - Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Colorectal cancers rank third in frequency in men and second in women. They are the fourth leading cause of cancer mortality.

Even though kidney cancer is a slow growing cancer in majority of cases, it behaves aggressively in some patients - Kidney Cancer Treatment

Kidney cancer comprises of three per cent of all cancers. The most common subtype is renal cell carcinoma. It is more commonly seen in USA than India. It is a slow growing cancer in majority of cases, but it behaves aggressively in some patients.

Are you aware that it is the leading cause of cancer death in the world? - Lung Cancer Treatment

The high incidence of lung cancer and the poor survival rate make lung cancer a very important public health problem, and the leading cause of cancer death in the world.

Lymphomas can start almost anywhere in the body, but with modern advances in diagnosis, imaging studies and availability of targeted drugs, the outlook for patients has improved tremendously - Lymphoma Cancer Treatment

Lymphomas are cancers originating from the lymphatic cells of the immune system, typically seen as solid tumours.

Multiple myelomas arise from plasma cells and do not represent a single disease entity, but rather encompass a large number of subtypes with diverse natural histories - Myelomas Cancer Treatment

The simplest definition of multiple myelomas is that they are a form of a cancer, which arises from a single blood cell in the bone marrow, called the plasma cells.

A woman's lifetime risk of dying from ovarian cancer is 1.1 per cent.  - Ovarian Cancer Treatment

It is one of the most common cancers in women after breast and cervix cancer. It is called a 'silent killer' as it is asymptomatic in early stages and 75 per cent of cases are diagnosed in the advanced stage.

Problems in early detection and treatment failures render pancreatic cancer a gloomy prognosis  - pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst cancers which affect the human body. It is difficult to detect early, and treatment failures are common. During the year 2010 in the United States, 43,140 people were diagnosed with this disease, of which approximately 36,800 will die. So it is easy to acknowledge the gloomy prognosis associated with this disease.

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